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  • laltazan 12/05/11 10:25 am PST

    The factory system is intergrated into the power control and body control modules and very difficult to defeat. Being a security device, if it were easy, it would be of little use. Rather than disable, a proper diagnosis and repair would be a lot easier. There should be codes stored in the body module and any decent technician should be able to repair it, with out much effort. The pickup at the ignition switch is a common failure item and not expensive to replace.

    Good luck

  • thecardoc3 12/05/11 10:38 am PST

    You cannot disable it. If the alarm is going off at night, the most likely cause is a door ajar switch sending a false signal. These switches fail a lot, but sometomes some penetrating oil sprayed into the latch will get them working correctly again. The switch is at the bottom of the latch, so with the door open, spray the enetrating oil all around inside the opening where you can see the lever that actually grabs onto the bolt that the door closes itself on. Do this to all four doors, and the rear glass latch.


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