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  • jlflemmons 02/17/11 7:26 pm PST

    Some engines are more prone to piston slap than others, the latest generation of V8 truck engines from GM are known for this. If the noise is truly piston slap I would not be concerned. There are a lot of engines out there with over 100K miles on them that have had this issue from day one.

    However, the noise can also be caused by the wrong weight motor oil for the temperatures encountered, or by using the wrong oil filter. Check your owners manual to confirm the oil viscosity is correct for your weather. This has been an issue in central Texas this winter as our low temps have been significantly lower than typical, causing rattling engines until the oil warms and flows easier.

  • lexus_dude_808 11/30/11 11:21 pm PST

    I have some promising news. I just took my 2007 ES350 into Lexus service dept. with the infamous "piston slap" and they tried to tell me that it was normal and nothing was wrong. I pushed and threatened them and behold, they admitted that they now found a TSB that addresses this as a "ticking" noise related to a faulty camshaft. I lucked out as the repair is covered under my drivetrain warranty and it is going to take them 3-5 days to repair (probably open up the motor is my guess) but alas they addressed the issue!!! Score 1 pt. for the consumer.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/04/12 12:17 pm PST

    The TSB referred to is:



    March 19, 2009

    Engine Ticking Noise and/or MIL "ON" P0014, P0015, P0024, P0025, P0017, or P0018

    There are exceptions to this TSB however, so not every ED350 will qualify.

    First off, your VIN has to fall within the specified numbers on the TSB.

    Second, it says: "It is mandatory that the VVT-i gear actuator bolts, actuator center section alignment, and actuator body be inspected BEFORE performing this TSIB. If no concerns are noted with these parts, this TSIB does NOT apply."

    Also, keep in mind that this isn't a recall, just a TSB.


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