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  • karjunkie 01/25/09 6:38 pm PST

    Given that the current lifetime warranty covers all the major drivetrain parts, I do not see what you gain with this warranty that would make it worth the cost. We all want to keep our cars till the doors fall off, but the likelihood of keeping a car more than 10 years under normal circumstances is slight. Change of circumstances and needs usually cause us all to make a change after 10 years and the need to take an older car in every few weeks for servicing quickly grows tiresome. If you maintain the car properly and use 1/10 of that money to do a yearly tune up and bi-annual fluid changes, I think you will get the reliability and longevity you seek. Whatever you decide, do read the fine print and make sure that this "bumper to bumper" policy really covers everything taking the deductibles into consideration. Also factor in the fact that you and the car may outlive the manufacturer that issued the policy! The devil is in the details as they say! Good luck on whatever you decide.


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