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  • zaken1 06/16/10 3:23 pm PST

    If you would be so kind as to click the "answer this question" button, and post the year, make, and model of your vehicle, we could answer your question. Computer codes change from brand to brand, and also change from pre-1995 OBD 1 to post-1996 OBD II emission control systems.

  • kdw082 06/16/10 3:31 pm PST

    2006 jeep grand cherokee 6 cylinder.

  • zaken1 06/16/10 3:56 pm PST

    There is no P1129 code in my list of Jeep OBD II codes; but there is a P1192 code. If someone misread or transposed the two code digits; the P1192 code means that the voltage input at the inlet air temperature sensor is below the minimum allowable limit. By the way; if this vehicle has had one of those mislabeled aftermarket "performance chips" wired into the IAT sensor circuit; that would probably cause this code to set. The solution would be to remove that illegal device.

  • yelnats5 06/16/10 5:15 pm PST

    you car is broken

  • alaskanj 06/16/10 5:57 pm PST

    Has there been any work done to the car lately, or did this just pop up? What was the last thing done to the car prior to this happening? What were the driving conditions when this occured, driving on the freeway, city, offroad. Has the milage gotten bad since this occurance? Any and all info even the smallest of details help to resolve these types of problems...


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