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  • karjunkie 08/19/09 2:14 pm PST

    The P1684 code simply means that the battery has been disconneted within the last 50 starts.

  • docj 08/19/09 2:15 pm PST

    Code p1684 just means that the battery has been disconnected within the last 50 ignition cycles.

    Does the battery appear to be strong..crank well?

    If so...then ......
    you'll need to determine whats missing,spark and/or fuel

    check for spark...check fuel pressure....check for injector pulse....check compression,things like that...

    Doc J

  • cbails1 08/27/09 10:34 am PST

    The same thing has been happening to my 2000 300M. Keep trying, the car will start. An automechanic friend of mine believes it might be the netrual relay swtich. If it starts to turn over, keep the key turned, press the brake in and shift into neutral. This will work most of the time. I have spent close to 5 miuntes turning the key and eventually it starts. It has been this way for a month or so. Still trying to get it fixed. I was looking up what the P1684 code was as well. Obviously it has nothing to do with what our problem is.

    As soon as I figure out what is wrong I will repost the solution.

  • hirampa 10/18/09 8:08 pm PST


    Had the same problem with Chrylser 300M. Took to machanic several times, could not find anything wrong. The non starting problem became more frequent. Also, the car just stalled at times while driving. Finally, a mechanic friend of mine figured it out. I had the crankshaft and cam sensors replaced for about $400 total, including labor, and have not had another problem since.

  • swampbear44 09/15/11 7:03 am PST

    The p1684 mean you have a disconnected battery cable...Are you might need a new battery if your car won't crank.


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