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  • subearu 05/27/08 9:34 pm PST

    It should be OBDII, which means that the codes stored (that's why the CEL is on) can be read so you can begin troubleshooting the issue(s). Go to an AutoZone and have them read the codes, usually for free, and then proceed from there.

    Sometimes the CEL will go off on its own ONLY if the conditions that triggerred the code(s) are better, but this can take several days sometimes. A quicker clearing of the codes is to disconnect the battery for about 30 minutes, but you'll lose radio presets and any stored fuel mapping that the computer has gathered (so MPG may be down a bit for a tank or 2).

    Best bet is to get the code read. As long as it is not flashing (which means an engine misfire is happening), then it's *ok* to drive, but something in the emissions system is not right.


  • 0patience 05/28/08 1:53 am PST

    "Mazda Miata 2000 has pcm that should be replaced, in order to turn off the check engine light. The car runs good, but can I do any damage it I do not replace the pcm?"

    Ok, you'll have to clue us in on why the PCM needs replacing?

    Have you had it scanned for trouble codes? If so, what were they?

    My crystal ball is in the shop, so I need to know some things to help.

    "Mazda Miata 2000 has pcm that should be replaced, in order to turn off the check engine light."

    Never. That isn't how the PCM works.
    If the problem is resolved, the check engine light will go out. In rare cases, the PCM may have to be replaced, but usually the engine won't run when that happens.
    Please, get the thing scanned for trouble codes and let us know what they are. Anyone who tells you that the PCM needs replacing, just cause the light is on isn't very knowledgeable.

    Let us know the codes.


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