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  • MrShift@Edmunds 02/14/08 6:25 pm PST

    Common problem with Ventures. The gasoline apparently attacks the fuel gauge and destroys it. Anyway, yes, the tank needs to be dropped so that's why you'd put a new pump in. As General Patton said: "you don't want to pay for the same real estate twice".

  • bandit10 04/28/08 11:56 pm PST

    Try Auotozone, there real people friendly, and some have a reasonable understanding of cars. Also they can quote you the prices for the Fuel pump, and Sensor{s} Good Luck. Bandit.

  • mastertech19 04/30/09 6:11 pm PST

    yes u have to drop the fuel tank to change the sending unit and also i do beleave some GM u can just get the sender from GM only not after market i have change just the sender before on a newer GM. In aftermarket parts it is a whole assembly pump and all.I beleave the hole unit is pricey if i remeber right like around the 400 to 500 dollar mark here in niagara ontario and napa. Check with your dealer first hope i was help.


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