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  • karjunkie 09/25/08 7:17 am PST

    This is a common problem on Jettas. They will go into "limp" mode when the EPC/ASR lights come on. The problem with most is throttle body failure. Have the throttle body checked. You will probably have to replace it. The other main reason those lights come on is a defective coil, but that apparently was only on 2001 and 2002 Jettas, not your 2003. I would have the coils checked just in case.

  • nashwa 09/30/08 10:43 am PST

    epc and asr lights went out now engine light came on and is blinking the car shakes a little when i started it and feel like its going to stall i took it to mechanic and he says i need new ignition coils ( 4 x 35.00 each) and spark plugs(4x8.00 each)


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