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  • tallman1 03/21/08 9:18 pm PST

    There are so many factors involved here. First of all, your 50% city driving may be a lot of short trips (where the engine doesn't warm up completely) and/or lots of stop and go driving. The more heavy traffic and stop signs or red lights you hit, the worse it will be.

    I don't know what part of the country you are in but cold weather kills mileage. Also, many areas use winter blends of gasoline which are not kind to mileage either.

    You might want to check how you do on a long highway trip (is it time to take a vacation?)

    Hopefully, the warm weather will help but I agree that 14 is pretty bad.

  • canddmeyer 03/22/08 5:18 am PST

    I agree with tallman1. Also keep in the mind the 2008 Accord is bigger, heavier, and more powerful, all of which are detrimental to fuel economy. I've been watching the Honda forum as I own an older Accord too, and I see that even the 2008 4-cyl owners are barely breaking 20+ mpg. Your 14 avg is dismal, but luckily Accords hold their value so if you have to you'll be able to unload it for something more economical at no loss (other than sales tax where applicable). As the weather warms up your mpg will increase some, but I wouldn't expect more than a 2-3 mpg increase.


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