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  • zolecki 04/07/10 5:28 pm PST

    As you wrote, I would replace the main switch and/or check the wiring for the switch.

  • riick 04/08/10 8:39 pm PST

    You can throw parts at it or diagnose it.
    To diagnose, pull off inner panel, pull feed wiring off window motor & feed it electricity directly.
    If it goes up and down, at least you know the motor and the assembly it rides on are OK. (( Grease up things while you're there!)
    Now all you need do is find out if any juice getting TO door switches, and any coming OUT of door switches.
    If switch does not get juice, problem further upstream - relay ???
    etc etc etc

  • selinz 04/20/10 1:56 pm PST

    Well, many power windows have a "resettable fuse" that shuts off when the current goes too high. It turns out that these electric motors draw more current when they are "stalled." So if someone sticks their arm in the way, the window will shut off or reverse. Some manufacturers use sensors and microprocessor control, however alot use the resettabel fuse things.
    These are often polymer based fuses that can deteriorate with time. These fuses will be located at or very near the motor (they are not the traditional, replaceable fuses). If it's not the motor itself, it could be this.
    Go to an online parts dealer and see if you they show a blow up of your power window. If they do, see what parts are available for it. But it sounds to me like you'll need to pull off the panel no matter what...

  • hing_hk 10/11/10 6:13 am PST


    It sounds like the harness of wire on the driver's door is broken and there are damages on wires. Check it. Use a 12v tester to check the circuit, it sounds like there is a connection issue somewhere.

    If no luck from there, you may want to try a swap of the main switch. I suggest you run a by-pass to test the circuit first. You can download the service manual online and test it against the circuit graph.

    Hope this help.

    Sam T

  • knolegispower 07/16/13 4:16 pm PST

    I think that the doors all have power all the time and the lockout switch on the drivers door interupts the ground for the other doors. In this case the drivers door switch can easily be accessed and one of the terminals will be grounded in the off position and both will be ground in the on position. The window switches put 12v to one terminal and ground the other. In the opposite direction the 12v and ground are reversed. the motor does not need to be grounded. You can test the motor by sliding a piece of cardboard between the terminals and put 12v and ground to them.

    Good Luck

    Source: school of hard knocks


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