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  • MrShift@Edmunds 09/16/08 1:39 pm PST

    Well if it's an original top and thus 3 years old, and since these tops do have a normal life expectancy, the offer to split the cost with you seems reasonably fair. Chances are you'd be replacing the entire top on your own dime in another 3 years anyway. Also, when the top gets replaced, they can take steps to make sure this doesn't happen again.

    I checked all the Tecnical Service Bulletins for the Z4 convertible top and there is no mention of this problem.

    Maybe if it goes well with your car, you could order a black top.

  • nadspom 10/11/08 1:16 pm PST

    I just bought the 2005 Z4 from a used car dealer as well. We were told when they detailed it it would come off. They didn't tell us they couldn't get it off. We assumed they were too lazy to follow through with the detailing. I'm glad I read your question. My top is tan too and has black marks on the rear of the top on the passenger side.


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