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  • Stever@Edmunds 01/31/11 8:51 am PST

    Did you see Edmunds this Forum's discussion?

    Malibu Maxx Wiper Blades

    One person had luck with a ANCO N-14R, 350 mm blade.

    I don't see any posts where anyone had luck replacing the whole arm with a different one.

  • wagner4223 02/18/12 5:46 pm PST

    I purchased a standard wiper arm replacement (like you'd use as a replacement for main windshield on the Malibu Maxx)

    You can purchase at any big box retailer, I recommend you buy one that has the metal inserts that show on both sides of the rubber blade. Length of blade doesn't matter since we will cut it to size.

    Remove the rubber blade from the new assembly and cut the rubber blade to your replacement length (14" in this case) and (after removing the old blade from the wiper blade on the car by sliding it off) slide the new blade on to the old assembly.

    The rubber blades that incorporate the metal inserts will hold better on the old assembly.

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/18/12 11:07 pm PST

    Are you reusing the 14" metal wiper blade inserts or cutting the new ones too? I guess I'm confusing cutting the rubber blade vs cutting the rubber blade with the inserts in them.

    I trimmed a wiper blade for my rear Subaru glass a couple of weeks ago and had to use a Dremel-like tool with a cutoff wheel to cut the thin metal inserts to length. That flexible metal was a bit tough for my snips.



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