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  • mflesher76 10/15/10 12:20 am PST

    The Dealership shpuld not have charged you IN tax if your address on the title was a Florida one. They should have marked their paperwork exempt and you should have paid the tax in Florida when you went to plate it. Sounds like the dealership should give you the 1% back for their mistake. Good luck getting it back from the Gov.

  • igozoomzoom 10/19/10 5:23 am PST

    Unfortunately, you're out of luck in this situation.

    Here is a quote from the Indiana Department of Revenue website-

    "ALL SALES of motor vehicles purchased in Indiana are subject to Indiana sales tax. This includes sales where the purchaser intends to immediately register, license or title the motor vehicle for use in another state."

    Source: http://www.in.gov/dor/reference/files/s


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