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  • bryan1280 06/25/10 11:02 am PST

    The first thing to do is to get a $5 circuit tester. It looks like an Ink Pen and will light up if you touch one end to a ground and the other to the positive power wire. There are two power wires that power your radio, one constant and one that runs off of the ignition. The constant should provide power all the time. This maintains your station selection and time while the car is off. The ignition power wire is what turns your radio on when you turn the car on. You need to check both of these for power. If they both have power then your radio is broken. If your ignition does not have power, you can steel power from your constant. This will make your radio function all the time. You will NEED to turn the radio off everytime you shut your car off. If you constant is broken (which is unlikely) you will need to run a new line to the fuse panel. My guess, your radio is broken.


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