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  • MrShift@Edmunds 03/21/08 9:39 pm PST

    I'm sorry but you didn't post a follow up question, you started a new question, and I've lost the context of what we were talking about because I can't find your original question. We got a LOT of questions here every day!

    So start over here. Give us year, make model and what your current problem is and what your question is. You can just click on "Answer this question" below my post and I'll respond.

  • woo5001 03/21/08 9:50 pm PST

    what size fuse goes where in a 2000 VW Passat, having several problems, interior lights, boot light, glove box light, central locking, electric windows, all not working, found that fuse no 6 had blown replaced it and things worked for 2 mins again but soon packed in, and dont know whether my fuses are the correct size in the fuse box, my boyfriend has been fitting new speakers today in the rear and then removed the front passenger door and drilled out the rivets on the front speaker saw that it was a block type fitting with 4 wires to connect the front speaker, realised they wouldn't fit the 2 connectors on the speaker so as rivets had been drilled and speaker removed just put the door panel back on minus the speaker being in situ, since this the fuse has blown and everything mentioned has stopped working, he has been operating the radio could this be the cause and if so do you have any suggestions apart from throttle him please, many thanks


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