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  • morin2 04/05/12 8:50 pm PST

    Unless the seller guaranteed the vehicle in writing, you are out of luck with an "as-is" sale. Private sellers, especially the curb-stoners, can be far worse than any dealer. Always have any used car fully inspected by a mechanic before you start negotiating its purchase.

    If it was materially misrepresented, that is why small claims courts exist. Have a mechanic provide an estimate and sue.

  • Stever@Edmunds 04/05/12 9:15 pm PST

    Check with your local consumer protection agency or attorney general's office too. Some states (i.e. Massachusetts) have used vehicle warranty laws that require private sellers to disclose any known defects. A GM dealer may be able to tell you what work was done on the Saturn by looking up the VIN.

    Is yours the 4 cylinder? If so, it has a poor reputation.


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