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  • ray80 01/12/10 7:12 am PST

    Get it scanned and correct whatever is causing the problem to be detected

  • karjunkie 01/14/10 4:26 pm PST

    How about telling us what year make and model car you have? What was done to the car before you came here? What did they tell you the problem was? You can't expect a good answer if you do not provide any details.


  • madchevyman 01/21/10 4:50 am PST

    2002 4.2 liter chevy trailblazer 4wd
    when its cold i get the light for reduced engine power with the check engine light.Now i can let it warm up and then drive it but when its real cold it will happen while driving and i will lose power and have to shut it down and restart it to keep it going.I have taken it to have it checked all they do is tell me i have never seen that light before (DEALER AND LOCAL GARAGE) i did what they told me BY replacing plugs,boots,air filter,added fuel filter in line,mass air flow sensor,with all the same outcome. Now im taking it to another garage in the am 1/21 who has told me he has ran into this and he may be able to help. Of course i gave gm a call for help but they wont do anything for me because im not a service tech. All this has cost me about 1500-2000.
    Please if you can send me some info i can take with me.
    please understand my frustration is very high with this car and gm.

    i have had it scanned and it says the same thing even after i replace what it says.


  • karjunkie 01/21/10 8:58 am PST

    Your problem is not likely to be a spark or fuel delivery related without having codes for misfires. Also not likely to be the pedal position sensors, but more likely to be the throttle body position sensors. But I would guess that 90% chance it's just a dirty throttle body, especially if your idle is rough or too low in the 400-500 RPM range. Anything less than 600 RPM will sooner or later result in a code. Your reduced power light is most likely due the fact that the throttle body position doesn't conform to the pedal position commanded and anticipated position, and a sticky throttle body will do that. Now, if you could tell us any codes that appeared when the truck was scanned then we could hone in on the problem a lot quicker.

  • madchevyman 01/22/10 8:20 am PST

    I get 3 now
    507 vaccum im not sure of the other codes one is the tps and teh other is another sensor i believe the o2 sensor.
    I had it to a friend yesterday we cleaned the throttle boddy but it was warm in the garage and when we were done the alarm was gone. just went out this morning and started it and low and behold the lights are back today we are going to test the sensors.

  • karjunkie 01/22/10 8:23 am PST

    I'd bet that it is the TPS sensor then. It is very sensitive to weather conditions. The feather in the sensor will stick in cold weather when it is worn out.

  • madchevyman 01/23/10 5:22 am PST

    Do i need to replace the whole throttle body for that

  • karjunkie 01/23/10 7:44 am PST

    No, just the sensor fortunately

  • madchevyman 01/23/10 1:27 pm PST

    I got the list of new codes here now
    p0507 idle control system (rpm to high)-i believe this is the vaccum leak
    p0601 pcm memory error
    p1120 throttle position sensor 1 circuit

    any sugestions

  • karjunkie 01/23/10 3:04 pm PST

    A code P0601 in most cases means the PCM has gone bad. This is possibly due to a short-circuit inside the PCM. Or, if you disconnect the wires/connector from the PCM while the battery is still connected, that may also cause this code. If you did that while you were trying to fix the car, then ignorre that code. The other codes are that you have a bad TPS sensor as we discussed and you have a vacuum leak that is most probably an intake manifold gasket leak or a vacuum hose on the IM is cracked and or loose and leaking. The vacuum leak can be addressed by spraying starter fluid around the base of the IM and see if you get a surge in rpms. If so, you have to replace the IM gasket.

  • luis_970 11/21/14 6:25 pm PST

    Did u ever find out what was wrong with it?


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