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  • wern10 03/17/08 4:34 pm PST

    a good brass hammer around the rim works wonders,if youve exhausted all other options, such as loosening the adjusters,blowing out the dust with compressed air[carefully] the dust is toxic.you can use a ball ping hammer if you know what youre doing and smack the center of the drum being extremely careful not to hit the studs or your repair bill get a little more.use the alternating method and whack the drum in the center avoiding the studs and make sure you are hitting the drum and not the axle. usually several good hits with a heavy hammer and the drum pops rite off.

    Source: chilton repair manual

  • bandit10 05/15/08 12:15 am PST

    wern10 is giving you good advice take it. Just watch your aim.

  • Alennx 01/31/09 9:44 pm PST

    Just had the same problem-ish. Left side came off easy enough with the standard four taps, North, South, East, West. I changed the shoes and then went to the other side and could not get the darned drum off! It occurred to me that the new install on the left side was putting pressure on the right side so I went to the left side and pulled the cylinder sliders out a bit with plyers. Wouldn't you know it, the right side darned near fell off :D

    Then I screwed the pooch by completely pushing the right side cylinder out on one side and draining the fluid. There are many four letter words for such things so fill in the blank. Why, are I a complete ____ !

    Now I'm going to pay someone in overalls to unscrew my pooch and spend all the money I saved by changing my own back brakes. Why don't all vehicles have discs all round... it's 2009, for the love of Dale!

  • laktraviskid 04/17/09 9:50 pm PST

    They are just stuck. Hit it hard with a big Hammer. also disconnect the cable at the link under the drivers seat on the bottom of the vehicle. I had to smack mine pretty hard but they came off.

  • flingwing1 08/15/09 4:56 pm PST

    I hope this is WAY too late to help the original poster. If you have an air chisel, grind the tip off a punch until the tip is flat and about 1/8 to 1/4 inch across, put in into your chisel, spray a bit of Liquid Wrench on the seam between the hub and the drum, apply the punch tip to the drum just outboard of the seam, and then tap around the seam a couple of times and it should easily break the rust seal and off comes the drum.


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