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  • docj 11/26/10 4:16 pm PST

    No,not acceptable..get the marks right on...

    But,if the water pump locked up on this and took out the timing belt,you probably have bigger issues now.
    This is an interference engine,meaning that if the belt breaks, the valves will crash into the pistons.Depending on the rpms when it happened,it may be worse than you think.

    If you dont have any cam holding tools,then you can get it perfect,you just have to mess with it.
    Careful when turing the rear cam with a wrench,you dont want to open the valves into a piston just in case there isnt damage now.
    You can hold the rear cam with a wrench while installing the belt.

    Doc J

  • pede69 11/26/10 5:38 pm PST

    Hey Doc...

    Have it together now. About 30 mins left actually. Took allot of time because I cleaned everything before it was put back together. Even polished the bolts.

    Now on to the issue...

    I have rebuilt two of these same engines before and had the SAME result with the rear cam sprocket. Actually if you look at it head on, it is just about a 64th. of an inch off. I believe that can be attributed to the spring being just a bit weak.

    My logic being that, the tensioner pulls the rear cam sprocket from the bottom meaning that if the tensioner is moved in a tad, it would turn the gear to the left and bring it into perfect alignment.

    I could have manually forced the tensioner in a bit but was concerned that the belt would be too tight.

    The other two engines I left this way was fine. I guess I'll just see when I am fully done.

    Oh... and btw.... the 3.0 is a "Non Interference" engine. Thank God. :)

    Thanks allot for your help Doc,

  • docj 11/27/10 2:42 pm PST

    Your right,i misspoke.
    It is a non interference engine

    And yes,it will pull into perfect alignment when tension is applied if set correctly.
    The rear cam sits on top of a valve while the front cam will sit stable with all the valves closed.

    Good Luck

    Doc J


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