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  • karjunkie 03/18/10 8:52 am PST

    That message usually turns out to be caused by misfires on one or more of the cylinders due to worn coil-on-plug modules. Rather easy for an owner to replace with a few metric sockets, and a flat screwdriver. You will need to connect an OBDII scanner tool to the connector (drivers side just inside the driver's door edge). These can be found for under $70 or you can get a free scan at your local auto parts store. Read the codes. If it is a misfire there will be many codes. The engine controller will shut down the oxygen sensor, oxygen sensor heater, and other things when there is a misfire - and all those codes will appear along with the misfire code. The code will tell you which cylinder is misfiring (like P0305 is cylinder #5 - the front plug on driver's side). If your mileage is above 60k miles you probably will find it convenient to replace the plugs as you will have the plugs exposed during replacment of the coil unit. The coil-on-plug unit sells for about $110 online.


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