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  • waggawee 08/14/08 6:43 am PST

    Your turn signal left or right work in combination with your hazzard and switch. Your turn signal switch is at fault. If you put on the hazzard light i am sure you'll get all 4 lights working. With your brake light did you check the bulb, or better yet change it if your not sure it's good. The brake system use a fuse as well, on the brake pedal up under the dash you'll see a little switch connected to the brake pedal. On that switch you'll see 2 wires, one giving you 12v and the next is apply 12v, meaning as you press the brake pedal. That same switch can go bad as well as it use a little rubber on the inside of the brake pedal in line with the switch. If that rubber falls out the brake light wont work either. In order to make sure the switch is good i think it's a 14 spanner you use to pull it off the pedal. Re-connect the same wires that comes from the switch and press the little button on top while having someone looking if the brake light works. Try these things and make me aware.


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