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  • karjunkie 02/03/09 2:31 pm PST

    Basically, the best choice is usually between AAA and the towing service offered by your insurance company. One of them will be the best choice. A basic AAA one year plan, here in my area, is $43.00. Not only does it provide roadside assistance, towing, etc., but you receive a monthly magazine, bail bond insurance, free trip planning and maps. You can opt. for broader coverage including bodily injury and death benefit insurance at extra cost. You can also add a family member at a discounted rate. Check with them and see what you want in a towing package will cost you. Then call your insurance company and see what they offer and what it will cost. Good luck on your choice!

  • Stever@Edmunds 02/03/09 3:49 pm PST

    My car insurance includes free towing. Otherwise I'd probably go with the Better World Club.

    I don't like AAA's "all asphalt all the time" lobbying efforts. AAA lobbied against the Clean Air Act and more recently against smog controls so that's enough for me to look elsewhere (my wife has mild asthma and needs clean air).


  • morin2 03/01/09 7:10 pm PST

    Auto insurers may not offer towing/road service for older cars. My son's college car is a 94 Subaru Legacy & because we do "liability only" insurance, the towing & road service is not available to him via auto insurance. So I did AAA. It paid off because he needed to be towed when he unwisely went out in an icestorm last month and smashed a curb. The basic AAA towing is only good for 3 miles (the shop doing repairs was less than 2 in his case) but for an additional charge, you can get tow coverage to 100 miles.

    If you can get towing through your auto insurer, it should be cheaper, but if they won't provide it because the car is too old, then AAA is an option.


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