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  • MrShift@Edmunds 04/05/08 11:40 am PST

    Generally (speaking from my Subaru experience) most roof racks require a special cross bar or attachment to mount a roof box. The standard racks you get from the factory aren't usually designed for heavy objects.

    I'd suggest going to the Yakima or Thule website and they'll show you what you need. For my bike racks I had to order a cross brace in addition to the one on the car. Use the system suggested by the box manufacturer They've thought it all out and they are safer than anything you can rig up.



  • chiwlf 04/06/08 10:33 am PST

    On the "old" body Santa Fe's tjhe cross rails are movable. You should have a "Key" a small black plastic piece with a raised Hyundai lodo ar "Fling H" on tha bottom, this is the key to release the rack latches. It will fit into a peice if the rai;l ends, turn it counter clockwise to unlock the latches and lift up on the handle of the rail. It can now be positioned anywhere on the rack. Reverse this procedure to relatch the rails. If you still have problems just stop by a Hyundai Dealer and they will help you with this. It's not a complicated deal.
    Good Luck

  • jackt59 04/06/08 4:43 pm PST

    I'm dealing with the same issue. Just bought '08 S.Fe and dealer said the factory cross-rails can be moved fully forward by removing a stop screw and the rubber gaskets in the front part of the track. Manual says this also. Only problem is, after removing the gaskets, the front ~18" of track has no receiving holes pre-drilled to lock the rails in place. I'm considering drilling holes myself(carefully) if the dealer won't do it for free or reasonable charge (haven't contacted dealer yet -just discovered this today/Sunday). Anybody else have any experience w/this issue?

  • jackt59 04/07/08 7:20 pm PST

    Update to my post of yesterday: Dealer won't touch the rails (drilling holes). Cites liability concern. Suggested I contact Hyundai to see if they'll solve problem -he doubted they would.


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