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  • karjunkie 02/24/09 3:09 pm PST

    I believe you were misinformed. The manufacturer only warranties the various parts of the car according to their written warranty procedures. This includes the seat belts as well as all other safety items like the air bags.

  • docj 02/24/09 3:16 pm PST

    Based on the year,make,model condition,mileage of the vehicle,they(dealer and /or manufacturer) may offer some goodwill assistance on replacement depending on the failure.

    Contact the dealer for guidance and/or call the manufacturer customer service for guidance.
    They will not commit to anything over the phone.the vehicle will need to be inspected by the dealer and then they will decide of any Goodwill repair/replacement may be offered.

    I have seen these replaced under a onetime goodwill warranty adjustment.but it is based on a case by case.thing..

    Doc J


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