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  • tony78 08/20/09 11:51 pm PST

    If you had a V-6 or a V-8 engine, you could have bank 1 and bank 2.

    Why do i say " could have " ?

    The term bank 1 or bank 2 generally refers to a 02 sensor in the exhaust manifold for a particular bank.

    Some v-6's and some v-8's have an 02 sensor for each bank and others only have 1 02 sensor for both banks.

    Now your inline 4 cylinder only has 1 bank

    Some inline 4 cylinder engines have 1,,, 02 sensor others have 2,,02 sensors.

    When was the last time you replaced the 02 sensor ?

  • wjs4 08/21/09 6:59 pm PST

    Hello, Thank you for answering my question. The oxygen sensor behind the convertor was replaced when the convertor was replaced. I bought the truck used about 60,000 miles ago. As far as I know the oxygen sensor in the manifold has never been changed. The sensor in the manifold looks like it might be a project to change. It is diffucult to get at & it is pretty rusty looking. Any suggestions on how to access it & break it loose from the manifold???

  • tony78 08/21/09 11:52 pm PST

    1. you will need to get a special socket to remove the sensor.

    2. warm engine up, spray a few bursts of wd 40 at the threads.

    3. when you buy a sensor new, the threads are usually coated with a thread locking agent or a tube of this liquid will come in the box and you apply it yourself, do not get this agent on the sensor tip, that will damage the sensor.

    4. versely, the sensor that is now installed and has this thread locker on its threads, thus making it difficult to remove.

    5. there are 3 types of thread locker agents,,white / light bodied, blue / medium bodied and red / heavy bodied,,white - easiest to remove,,,red - darn near permanent.

    Be sure to check sensor before you remove and after you remove,,refer to sensor values found in the 1998 s-10 service manual.

    do this before you consider buying a replacment part.

    im sorry, i do not have thos test values for you.

  • wjs4 08/22/09 12:49 pm PST

    Hello, Thanks for the info. This will be my next project after I get done putting new brake lines that rusted out on my 2002 Chevy Silverado. I appreciate your imput. Thank You.


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