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  • zaken1 02/10/11 2:30 am PST

    This light is automatically activated by the car's computer when it determines that a problem has developed in the car's engine monitoring and control systems. The computer also stores a record of the reading which it identified as a problem. The way to discover the cause of the light coming on is to take the car to a parts store or a repair shop that does computer scans. Some parts stores do free computer scans; but they usually do not do repairs. They will connect a monitor to the car and retrieve the trouble code stored in the computer. Interpretation of the meaning of that code will direct you to the needed repair. Once the repair has been completed; the code must then be cleared from the computer with the same type of scan tool that retrieved the code. Their are many, many possible problems which can cause the light to come on; so the scan is an indispensible diagnostic aid.

  • scanman1 02/10/11 8:55 am PST

    Most common and easiest fix would be the fuel cap left loose or gone bad.


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