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  • jrrybar 01/20/11 2:48 pm PST

    Acually, my 2007 Pontiac Torrent has the SAME problem, and it just started happening a few weeks ago. I was told that it was the Accelerator Position Sensor (don't really know what that is) and it would be around $1200 to fix it. Here is the kicker, they don't guarantee that it won't happen again. . .and it isn't under warranty. I was told that the sensors become weak during the winter and the cold weather can cause condensation on the sensor which makes it confused and powers down the engine. I was told that once it warms up it won't happen again. I don't accept that answer and will taking my car to someone else, once I have the financial capacity to pay to have it checked out again.

    Hope this helps! You are not alone! I think we might have a Pontiac issue. . .if you Google this issue, it comes up quite a bit!

  • kencp6 07/28/11 3:16 am PST

    My 09 Silverado did the exact same thing, after extensive research and calls to the dealer they finally talked me into bringing it in, after 4 days they found a faulty steering wheel position sensor, they replaced that and I have had no problems untill yesterday, the service stabilitrac light came on again, I shut it down waited a min or two started it back up and so far nothing, everything is normal at the moment, good luck,


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