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  • texases 12/06/11 2:59 pm PST

    I never do, they're big money-makers for the dealer, and the Camry is VERY reliable.

  • laltazan 12/06/11 4:39 pm PST

    Extended warranties are a gamble and most of the times you will lose. The warranty company is an expert on cost and making money, and the card are stacked way in their favor. I would never buy one. Here's more information:



  • morin2 12/06/11 7:45 pm PST

    Absolutely NOT. Your car is still covered under its powertrain and emissions warranties. The ONLY warranty that expired was the "bumper to bumper" warranty. The more important coverage remains.

    There is no reason to give away your money for something you don't need. It would be better spent if you donated it to a worthwhile charity than to donate to some scam warranty "company" being peddled by the dealer.


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