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  • knowledgepower 02/23/13 9:46 am PST

    You shouldn't have to do either, all new vehicles for a long time have been dipped with an undercoating or even an electrocoating. The companies that sell rustproofing especially in Northern areas are going to tell you it's not enough in order to sell their product. The best salt protection during the winter months a lot of individuals living in Northern areas need to do is a regular car wash especially the underside of the vehicle that will wash away salt residue and buildup which causes rust.

  • morin2 02/23/13 10:44 am PST

    I agree with knowledgepower. Some forms of rustproofing involving the drilling of holes could create additional issues. And undercoating is as honest a business as the diluted spray-paint 'sealcoating" of driveways.

    If there is a part of a model's design that allows water (and salt) to sit and act on the metal, you could spot-treat that specific area with a spray can of rubberized undercoating sold in autoparts stores for a couple of bucks. But nearly all cars made today have improved designs that don't encourage rust.

    A high pressure car wash that cleans the underside is your friend in the winter.


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