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  • knowledgepower 01/10/13 11:30 am PST

    You did good by getting rid of that T-100, when I was a Fleet Manager and also selling we hated to see them coming because they were longbed trucks no one wanted. The Jeep with an inline 4.0 6 cylinder engine will last, if I were you I'd immediately change the water pump and have them change the timing chain. After that then take the trip.


  • texases 01/10/13 12:28 pm PST

    If your mechanic gave it a good exam and like it, then you did great. Get the oil and tires, then see how it runs. Me, I'd skip the timing chain for now, that's some big $$.

    You'll also want to check the coolant and tranny fluid, change if there's any doubt about them. Make sure the correct fluids are used.

    And give it a good cleaning, you'll like it even more! Just don't 'steam clean' or power wash the engine, that'll mess up electrical connections.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 01/10/13 12:46 pm PST

    Well you paid exactly the right amount for it--not too much, not too little--given the mileage and condition. Certainly the Jeep will be a more comfy ride and since it got a clean bill of health from your mechanic, I'd say you did fine on the deal.


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