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  • karjunkie 09/01/08 10:40 am PST

    Going a few thousand miles over the recommended replacement mileage is no big deal. However, if your make and model car has an interference engine you need to be careful, as these engines will cause the valves to crash into the pistons if the belt breaks and do thousands of dollars worth of engine damage. If it is a non-interference engine, the worst that can happen is that you get stranded on the road somewhere and have to tow the car back to your mechanic. You can check if you have one or the other on the Gates website at www.gates.com.

  • subearu 09/01/08 4:49 pm PST

    If you're unsure of the maintenance history of the past, don't assume anything. Just replace it now and avoid the risk. While off, you should replace the water pump and any tensioners as well, plus any other drive belts.

    Say it was inspected at 60k or so miles, you bought it at 85k miles. It now has 113k miles. It is time to replace it according to the schedule. I would highly doubt the previous owner replaced it at 60k.



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