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  • morin2 12/07/09 7:42 pm PST

    The manual says the circumference must be within 1/4". You could measure the circumference of the tires and if the new ones are greater than 1/4", ask about having the new tires shaved to within 1/4".

    This is the reason why its so important to rotate tires on AWD vehicles and even out the wear.

  • bigandy1 12/08/09 4:31 pm PST

    If you run different size tires on and awd vehicle, you will ring teeth off the gears on the spiders or the ring and pinions in the axles or in the transmission or tranfer case (iff equipped).

  • morin2 12/09/09 9:14 pm PST

    That one tire dealer may not realize that this is a full-time AWD vehicle. His advice would be ok for a part-time 4x4 vehicle but not your subaru. Many people fail to make this crucial distinction.

    I would replace all 4 at the same time. Then keep up with regular rotations. Keep the 2 tires that still have life to them & either sell them on craigslist, or keep them for another vehicle - one with 2WD.


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