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  • morin2 09/28/09 8:54 pm PST

    None at all. The "flex" means that you have the flexibility to switch back & forth. Its a good idea to compare how your vehicle performs with each fuel type and stick to the one with better performance, and/or lowest cost per mile.

    And running E85 is no "greener" than running regular unleaded - so your conscience should be clear.

  • sprescott 10/12/09 8:52 pm PST

    No it will be fine,the computer system is designed to make the adjustments required to run both fuels

  • lauras5 04/09/13 9:39 am PST

    It is best not to alternate repeatedly between gasoline and E85. If you do switch fuels, it is recommended that you add as much fuel as possible - do not add less than 11 L (3 gal) when refueling. You should drive the vehicle immediately after refueling for at lease 11 km (7 mi) to allow the vehicle to adapt to the change in ethanol concentration. This is per the gsi.xw.gm.com SI Document 2344147.

    Source: gsi.xw.gm.com new SI document 2344147


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