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  • gothicllama 06/06/10 6:22 pm PST

    Sorry, no answer for you, but I have the same problem with my 2007, AWD 40k miles. Sputters at idle, runs fine otherwise. TCL, check engine and E-Brake light are on (e-brake is not set).

    I'm about to take off on a trip (driving my trusty VW) but when I return I may change the plug wires and plugs. Who knows... it feels like a misfire of some sort so maybe the code isn't far off.

    Did you find a solution?

  • 2014 06/06/10 9:13 pm PST

    I changed the coil for the cylinder that the code showed was misfiring and the problem was solved.

  • badboy12 04/02/11 8:20 am PST

    My check engine light came and car runs ruff, I changed plugs and lots of fuel cleaner. Still the same. And reads boots 5 is missing. Where is boot 5? Mits End LS 2006


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