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  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/07/09 5:41 pm PST

    Perhaps you could tell us what symptoms you are experiencing and we can go from there.

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  • rchester 11/07/09 7:24 pm PST

    right now my green sport shift llight on my dash keeps coming on from time to time. It might come one day and next two days it won't come on at all. the car seems to shift the same but I don't want to break anything. do you think I should have it tested and if so where should I have this done.

  • MrShift@Edmunds 11/07/09 8:11 pm PST

    Yes, a blinking S light can indicate some fault in the transmission (as can your D4 light) or maybe just in the wiring. I'd suggest you go to an experienced independent Honda repair shop and have them read the codes (done through counting the blinking lights)

    Here's what the book says:

    When the A/T control unit senses an abnormality in the input or output Systems, the S indicator light in the gauge assembly will blink at equal intervals and the LED display on the A/T control unit will blink a problem code when the ignition key is turned on. However, when the Service Check Connector (located to the lower right of the glove compartment) is shorted with a jumper wire, the S indicator light will also blink the problem code when the ignition switch is turned on.

    When the S indicator light has been reported on, short the two terminals of the Service Check Connector together or pull the passenger's side carpet down from under the dashboard. Then turn on the ignition switch and observe either the S indicator light or the A/T control unit LED display.


    Problem codes 1 through 9 are indicated by individual short blinks, Problem codes 10 through 15 are indicated by a series of long and short blinks. One long blink equals 10 short blinks. Add the long and short blinks together to determine the problem code. After determining the problem code, refer to the electrical system Diagnosis By Symptom / Symptom-to-Component


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