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  • zaken1 08/05/10 12:14 am PST

    There is no adjustment of the throttle position sensor on this vehicle. Sometimes codes are triggered by a different item than what the code says. Because of that; I would check to see if there is a steady series of sparks at the plugs when the starter is running. If there is no spark; then I would consider replacing the camshaft position sensor. This is an inexpensive part, which often fails and causes no start problems.

    If there is spark at the plugs, I would try spraying starting fluid into the throttle body, and see if that makes it try to start. If it does; the electric fuel pump may not be working; which is often caused by a blown fuel pump fuse or a defective fuel pump relay. Fuses sometimes look good to the eye, when they have failed internally; so I would definitely replace the fuel pump fuse with a known good one of the same amperage, rather than just inspecting it visually. And the fuel pump relay is another inexpensive part.

    It would also be worthwhile to closely inspect the connector for the TPS, to make sure the contacts are not corroded or bent, and that the wiring has not been damaged.

    If none of this helps; the timing chain may have broken or jumped out of position.


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