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  • wern10 03/29/08 5:55 pm PST

    hello rudydoo..
    seems like you got a little issue.to get the gate open you must look at the edge of the tailgate,in between the bed and gate you'll see the lock tabs that hold the gate secure,theres one on each side.you'll need to get something slinder enough to fit in between the gate and bed but strong enough to push in on the tab w/out breaking to release the gate.if you look while you lift the handle you should be able to see one side or the other working,hopefully,which ever one is not working is the one you'll have to try and push the tab in while lifting the handle for the other side.i use a 12 inch x1 inch piece of sheet metal i got out of junk pile,be careful the edges are sharp.if you lift up the handle you should be able to see the 2 connecting rods that pull the outer latches in,and you may be able to see the screws to remove the handle and fix your issue,which is normally the plastic retainer clips on the handle to rod connection,you will need a long pair of needle nose pliers and some pretty good patience "if you dont have good dexterity"on the inside of the tail gate you may have an access panel you can remove and service the parts...its very rare that any of the metal parts will fail,its usually 99% of the time the plastic clips and that other one percent is the handle itself breaks at one of the retainer holes,but this repair is relatively easy,but as i mentioned a long pair of needle nose pliers will be your friend.all the clips and handle have only recently become available through your local parts store....all those parts were special order from a dealer.i also use a a piece of "dumb gum" something thats super sticky to help hold your pieces on your pliers,because if you drop a clip its pretty much gone. thats why im glad the price on the clips arent to bad,i usually drop at least one...so i save my self the trouble and buy 2 extra and when im done and i havent lost any i will just return what i didnt use.the retainer tabs just lift up and slide the rod out,its not quite that easy,but its not super hard.i've got great confidence that you can do this with little or no effort.if you need any further assistance ill be happy to help in any way possible.good luck.

    Source: 89-03 chrevrolet repair and general maint. haynes repair manual


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