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  • ray80 11/04/11 8:49 am PST

    I think it would be unusual for the ABS system to be working with the light on (brakes yes, ABS, no). Problem could be with speed sensor or with wiring.

  • bjhager5 11/04/11 9:17 am PST

    Thank you for your answer Ray. The ABS light is on however, I am able to use the brakes and slowdown/ stop as I would any other time. I am hoping it is a sensor that be can switched out. I just need to find out which sensor it is.

  • bjhager5 11/05/11 12:03 pm PST

    It ends up that Code C0110 came up saying the ABS Pump is possibly bad. Are there any possible easy fixes for this?

  • 0patience 11/05/11 4:06 pm PST

    It is possible that the pump is bad.
    DTC C0110
    Circuit Description
    Ground is continuously supplied to the low side of the ABS pump motor. The EBCM activates the ABS pump by supplying battery voltage to the high side of the motor.
    Conditions for Setting the DTC
    The EBCM detects an open pump motor circuit, a shorted pump motor, or a seized pump motor or ABS pump.
    Check the connections to the pump.
    Check and clean grounds at battery before replacing anything.

    Perform the following repair before further diagnosis of the EBCM.
    Perform the following steps to improve the connection of the EBCM Ground:
    1. Remove the EBCM Ground. The EBCM Ground is located on the frame beneath the driver's side door. If multiple grounds are found in this location, the EBCM ground can be identified as the heavy (12-gauge) wire.
    2. If the original fastener has a welded on nut, remove the nut from the frame, and if required, enlarge the bolt hole to accommodate the new bolt and nut.
    3. Clean the area, front and back, using a tool such as a *3M(TM) Scotch-Brite Roloc disc or equivalent.
    4. Install the ground, then the washer and then the bolt to the frame.
    It is important to use the bolts, washers and nuts specified in this bulletin. These parts have been identified due to their conductive finish.
    5. Install a washer and nut to the back side of the frame.
    Tighten the nut to 9 Nm (79 lb in).
    6. Cover the front and back side of the repair area using Rubberized Undercoating.


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