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  • alvafang 10/05/11 5:40 am PST

    the airbag light on means your car has the obd2 trouble code, you need to check out the code.


  • docj 10/06/11 5:38 am PST

    One thing that will affect all 3 of these at the same time is the 'Clockspring' in the steering column.
    When it fails, the air bag light will illuminate,and the cruise and horn will become inoperative.
    If you elect to repair this yourself,remember to disconnect the negative battery cable and disable the air bag system first before attempting any repairs.

    Suggest getting a repair manual to guide you thru this.

    Chrysler did have a ton of problems with these on earlier model years ,so much so that they were/are repairing them at no charge..not sure if your year is included...doubt it but it may be worth a call to Dealer Service dept to inquire.

    Good Luck

    Doc J


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