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  • laltazan 11/09/11 9:15 am PST

    A few things to consider. The AC may run, even when not turned on, under certain conditions. Try unplugging the connector on the compressor to be certain. There is also a tray under the evaporator. This can hold quite a bit of water and may continue to leak, several days after the AC is disabled.

    If you rule out the AC, as above, check the coolant level. The heater core may leak and cause very similar results.

    Good luck

  • byra36 11/11/12 2:51 pm PST

    Simple is my case: I put a 2 inch transpearant scotch tape at the base of the windshield overlaying the rubber and plastic seal joint and I had no more rain into the car wetting both front and rear carpet both side of the car. My Camry 2010 has a sunroof and I did not run with airconditioning all day before the flood (300 miles). Think that sun is shrinking plastic and rubber and that is what happen in my case. Just throw a piece of rock onto the windshield and get the glass changed paying just the deductible with a 3 year warranty which beats Toyota on all counts (50$ in my case)

  • cagosto 07/31/13 8:43 pm PST

    I have a Toyota highlander 2010 and is getting water inside from the roof rack. T


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