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  • zaken1 11/21/09 2:48 am PST

    The gas pedal sensor is not in the throttle body, and it cannot be cleaned. It is an electrical device located inside the car, near the accelerator pedal. This is part of a system called "drive by wire" which is used on late model vehicles. In the drive by wire system, the accelerator pedal is not mechanically connected to the throttle body. Instead, the accelerator pedal actuates an electrical sensor; which transmits a voltage signal to an electrical solenoid at the throttle body; this solenoid moves the throttle in response to signals from the accelerator pedal sensor. These sensors are very expensive, and are known to be troublesome. But sometimes the low voltage problem is caused by poor connections at the electrical harness plugs. The factory service manual contains diagnostic procedures for locating the source of problems in this system. Michell electrical systems manuals for your vehicle model year also contain such instructions. A good public library will have such manuals in their reference department; where pages can be copied. An auto shop at a public school may also have these manuals. And a cooperative auto electrical shop may be nice enough to let you copy pages from their manual.


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