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  • zaken1 10/15/12 11:28 pm PST

    Probably unlikely to come out that cheap. This is an interference engine; which means that there is major damage likely to have been done when the belt breaks. The only way to determine the extent of the damage is to remove the cylinder head; and that is a several hundred dollar job just to look at it.

    There is a fair chance that only the valves will be damaged. if the pistons do not require replacement; you can buy a freshly remanufactured cylinder head from www.rockauto.com for $806.79 plus a refundable $150 core deposit on the old head. But there will of course also be the labor to remove and replace the head; and to replace the timing belt.

    If you replace the timing belt; it is advisable to also replace the belt tensioner. These motors originally came with a hydraulic tensioner, which turned out to be unreliable. New timing belts can be bought in a kit that includes a mechanical tensioner to repace the hydraulic one. Rock Auto sells them for just over $100


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