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  • tony78 04/21/09 9:14 pm PST

    I believe you mean the ignition coils. The following applies to the J18 engine.

    Disconnect each harness connector at the coil pack , set the wire aside, remove the coil hold down bolt with a 10mm socket.

    Before you replace the hold down bolt, brush some anti seize compound on the threads.

    This is the arrangement of the ignition system :

    1. The ECM receives signals from various sensors, determines the most suitable ignition timing and time for electricity to flow to the primary coil and sends a signal to the igniter.

    2. The wire harness goes from the ECM directly to each of the coil packs.

    3. There are several sensors that feed information to the ECM, these are :

    CMP Sensor ( Camshaft Position Sensor ),

    TP Sensor ( Throttle Position Sensor ) ,

    MAF Sensor ( Mass Airflow Sensor ),

    ECT Sensor ( Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor )

    You should check each component before you replace the coil packs.

    Let me know if you need additional assistance,,,tony

    Source: Suzuki Esteem Factory Service Manual 1998-2001

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