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  • morin2 09/14/12 8:29 pm PST

    The 3 liter v-6 used in the ranger only produced something like 140 hp. I tow the same weight & size boat with a 4 liter Nissan Frontier that produces 261 hp and I consider that to be the minimum for this boat.

    In addition, the Ranger is unlikely to have a true receiver hitch or transmission cooler. It might be capable of towing for a very short distance if the ramp is on your property. But for highway towing, I would not tow more than 1500-2000 lbs with that rig. And the brakes on the 14" wheels are also not up to the job of bringing that weight under control. If you intend to tow any distance, its a dangerous proposition. Why not consider a used full-size truck instead? I sold a decent 2000 F-150 with a tow package for only 1500 last year. With gas prices high, v-8s sell cheap now.

  • isellhondas 09/14/12 8:55 pm PST

    I agree with morin here. You would be asking a little boy to do a man's job. Towing is tough on ANY car so pick something up to the task!


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