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  • sergelbergeron 09/01/08 4:36 pm PST

    Are you sure it is not the phone or you are losing the signal from the cell phone? Maybe try to connect another cell phone that you have. I have the same system on my Prius and I have never experienced this.

  • jeffah 09/10/08 6:41 pm PST

    unfortunately i think i have a fix for you.  if you were to tap on the mic located between the visors, the other party will be able to hear you again.  I wouldn't call this a fix per se, but it does work.  Unfortunately it leads me to believe that there is a problem with the mics or the something along that line...

  • tribro 06/10/10 3:17 pm PST

    I have had this very same problem in my 2007 Camry Hybrid. The problem is not with the phone. I have an iPhone 3G and when I take the phone off of bluetooth and hold it up to my ear, the person on the other end has no problems hearing me. The problem is definitely with the connection between the bluetooth in the car and the phone or with the microphones in the car. This is very annoying!!!!


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