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  • karjunkie 04/16/09 5:38 pm PST

    Question: When the codes were read the first time and the EGR valve was replaced and the check engine light went out, were the codes ever cleared and reset at that time? Can you clear the codes and then see what comes back? Make sure that you are not troubleshooting codes that are "old history" in case you have a problem that does not throw a code. You can have Autozone, NAPA or any other large auto parts store clear the codes for free. With a clean code register, you can gather some more information. Start the engine and just let it sit and idle for awhile. Does the code come back at idle in park or does it wait until you drive and put the engine under load. Can you force an EGR code by unplugging the vacuum line to the EGR valve? This will help narrow down the problem.

  • rearwheeldrive 04/16/09 7:55 pm PST

    Another expensive repair and the problem still exist.

    Catylast converters problems seems to repeat. Either the Cat is going bad (the charcoal material could be used up) reaching its useful life, or a leak exist in the engine air system. I can't remember what code 401-2 are, but It sounds like exhaust mixture.

    Most engine codes seem to erase on your model with removal of the fuse for EFI, for ten seconds. Dont worry the car will continue to run the way it ran before you erased the code. If a code resets you might want to run a scan again. If the engine is running bad, components will sense the problem in the mixture and set a code for the mixture being wrong. This could be knock sensor, air fuel sensors, EGR valve dirty. These parts aren't neccessarly at fault. Like a knock sensor it senses a knock in the engine from a poor running engine but that doesn't mean replace the knock sensor. Here the last picture, lower right paragrah states; With ignition switch in Off position remove STOP or EFI fuse from engine compartment fuse box for ten seconds or more. Next time I'll take a better picture.


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