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  • texases 01/21/09 8:27 pm PST

    I think she will. I made the mistake of recommending a 4 to a v6 driver, and they've always regretted the choice. Have her take a test drive, but I bet she likes the v6.

  • tnboy 01/21/09 11:36 pm PST

    Yeah, about what I figured...thanks.

  • botchki 01/29/09 11:19 pm PST

    I just drove a 4 cylinder Rav 4 and thought it drove like a dream. More than enough zip even if you are coming from a 200 honda 6. I would bet the 4 easily is on par with the honda if not quicker. I'm used to a Saab 9-3 with a turbo charged 4 with modified 265hp so that says a little.

  • motorstreet 03/12/09 10:01 pm PST

    The V6 is much faster. She will notice a huge difference between a 200hp Accord and a 158hp Rav4.


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