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  • debgen 04/25/08 8:27 pm PST

    We are having the same problem with our 1995 t-100.

  • dkamholz 06/28/09 2:15 pm PST

    My 2000 Tundra SR5 AC is getting very bad, called Toyota to complain on Friday and they gave me a case number and said someone would follow up. The Toyota customer service phone number is 1-800-331-4331.

  • seminolet100 01/11/10 11:13 pm PST

    Yes I have a 97 T100 SR5 and my bed is rusting as well.

  • bb10 02/27/10 1:17 am PST

    my 95 t100 has excessive rust on frame and lower a-arms perforation at the rear cab mounts body shows no rust these trucks should be included in recall

  • indianbob 05/10/10 9:08 am PST

    New recall and repair on the Tundras--up to $10,000 for frame replacement if perforation over 10mm.
    T-100s have not been included in this as far as I can find out. I have severe rust on my T100 frame also.

    Source: US News

  • lvhjr 07/05/10 12:58 pm PST

    Frame and underside on my 95' T100 is rusting.

  • midcoasttwins 09/03/10 1:09 pm PST

    YES YES YES! JUST as much rust as all other toyota trucks, yet it seems T100 hasn't made any rust recall lists yet. Does it take some kind of tragic accident to end up on one of those lists? Frustrating. bumber long gone, holes under doors, frame filled with rust, our mechanic thinks the bed might just fall off and frame break in 2 any day. I've reported it (with vin) officially to toyota and some nat'l auto safety place. I hope Toyota makes this right soon!

  • mrskin 09/28/10 10:20 am PST

    Left side of the bumper on 95 T100 broke off. Going to spend my day off trying to secure it.

  • mtb108 10/01/10 10:37 pm PST

    I have a 96 t100 4x4 extended cab, had holes in frame underneath rear cab mounts on both side. The right cab mount rusted through and thats when I discovered the holes. I contacted Toyota about it and they couldn't do anything about it (was during the time of the tacoma recall starting) registered it with the NHTSA. Ended up welding on a new rear cab mount and welding a plate to cover the holes of the frame and make them stronger. Tailgate rusted and fell off truck, cab now has holes under it, brakes lines rusted through and had to replace them. all within about a months time. Love the truck but can not see how toyota will take care of other vehicles but not the t100. Just give me a new frame and I will be happy, Ill even swap everything over myself!

  • jbt100 10/10/10 9:37 pm PST

    I own a 1996 T100 & the whole frame has frame rot. The only spot rusted all the way through is a 8X2 inch hole on the left control arm. I called Toyota & they told me that since there is no recall, they can't do anything. I played dumb & took it to the dealer & asked them to check out the frame because I noticed a lot of rust, just to see what they would say. They told me that there was excessive rust on the frame, but it wasn't rusted all the way through. They weren't going to say anything about the control arm & when I asked them about the 8 inch hole in the control arm there response was "oh, that's not part of the frame". This is an extremely dangerous condition & it is obvious that they were willing to ignore it for the sake of not being willing to admit they have a problem. Since there's no recall I'm faced with having to shell out $1300 to fix the control arm as well as pay for future repairs due to this problem, or shell out money for a new truck. It stands to reason that since T100s are experiencing the same problems as the Tacomas of the same time period, that they most likely underwent the same manufacturing process. Why are these not included in the recall. Toyota has been touting how safety oriented they are in all of their recent commercials, but it seems that if they already have your money they could care less about you. They will never get one red cent from me ever again. My next step is to report this to the Naional Highway Safety Administration, and put my truck on a lift & video the undercarriage & post it on youtube, if anyone knows of anything else I can do to get some action please let me know.

  • dinahmacarthur 10/28/10 8:21 am PST

    My husband's T100 is also rusting out. This truck has been treated like a "car" and not as a heavy duty truck. I drove the truck to school ( I am a teacher). When I got there I found out that the bumper was ready to fall off.
    I have written a letter but still not response. It is my hope that maybe we all can get together and file a class action suit. "There is no excuse for a 12 year old truck frame to fall apart.

  • layspeaker 11/14/10 7:36 pm PST

    Yes, I have a 1997 Toyota T 100 SR5 and the frame seems to be rusting out. I only have 106,000 miles on it and was hoping to run it 200,000 or more but I think it may fall apart before then. Is Toyota doing anything about this? Sorry to hear so many problems with the trucks. It has been a great truck and I love it, but it may not last as long as I had planned.

  • ajhgoodwrench3 02/04/11 8:13 pm PST

    people you need to realize that pre 05 tacomas had a fully boxed frame made entirely of recycled metal, your veheicles with boxed frames toyotas, nissans ETC need to be cleaned often, just put a garden hose in the rear of the frame and let it runs for 10 mins, will clean all salt and dirt that stays wet in the frame causing rust from the inside out, AND undercoating and rustoleum paint were made for a reason, you need to paint ur frame if you notice rust, people need to pay more attn to boxed frames and there would never b a problem, i have a tacome that is valid for recal that i have taken care of the frame since new and its still in beautifull condition the dealer couldnt believe it, RUST IS CAUSED FROM SALT, WASH UR RIGS AND STOP ABUSING TOYOTAS RUSTY TOYOTAS R BEING ABUSED WITH MORE RUST EVERYWHERRE STOP THIS PROBLEM

  • maza_y 05/07/11 11:47 pm PST

    97 T100 4x4. Rear bumper broke off. Frame is wrapped with layers of rust, with rust holes every where. Tail gate, and bed are ruster throug with huge holes. I hate to see that toyota is recalling a million tacomas, and cant take care of a small amount of t100's left out there. I hope when it finaly brakes on half, and i get ran over by a semi and die, somebody reminds "TOYOTA" that not only tacomas but t100's and tundras have SAME MAJOR FRAME RUST ISSUES.....

  • krismiss 09/07/11 1:45 pm PST

    Yes, we have the same problem with our '95 T100, as well, and we only have 59,000 miles on our truck. Just spoke to a Toyota representive to file a complaint. They already have a number of compaints on file but have not received enough to start an investigation/recall. The more people that call in and complain will hopefully motivate Toyota to start an investigation into the rusting problems on the T100s, too. The squeaky wheel.... The number to call is 800-331-4331.

  • jnmip 01/03/12 4:41 pm PST

    I just became aware of the same issue. I had a front lower control arm fail and took it do a dealer to get it fixed. The dealer will not do the work since the frame has so much rust on it they can't guarantee the repair. this is just 6 months after i had the whole fuel system replaced because of rust issues. Toyota refuses to extend the replacement to these vehicles although they have many identified cases.

  • jovinscout 01/10/12 2:44 am PST

    Contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1(888)327-4236 or online @ www.safercar.com. You may also contact Toyota Customer care at 1(800)331-4331. Dont be discouraged Toyota does not want to add the T100 to the recall. I imagine if you make enough noise you may get somewhere. Another number to contact is the Federal Trade Commision at 1(877)382-4357 T100 owners please contact these numbers and make some complaints so someone will help us.. -Joe

  • shadybrady 10/23/12 2:42 pm PST

    Major problems! I think the only reason Toyota hasn't done a recall similar to that for the Tacomas of the same years is because there are not enough of them out there to support a serious class action! I have a 96 T100 that has holes in the frame, My gas tank FELL OUT, and luckily, I was not hurt, but had to replace that ! I have had welding done, and need more. I bought this truck with 98,000 miles on it from GLENS FALLS TOYOTA in upstate New York, and it now has 136,000. When I brought it there for them to look at, and give me recommendations on, the service manager told me to "PREPARE IT FOR BURIAL"-HIS EXACT WORDS! I DID NOT SEE THE HUMOR IN THAT!!!! MAN UP,TOYOTA, THIS IS A FAULTY PRODUCT!!!!!!!!

  • dollarbill8181 11/21/12 12:22 pm PST

    I am having the same problem with my 96 T-100. I bought this truck from a private party here in upstate NY and then brought it to Firestone to have an oil leak fixed and new tires put on. The put it up on the lift and called me to tell me the bad news. Both lower control arms completely rotted through, motor mounts rotted etc.....It's not worth fixing! And of course, toyota will not give me the time of day! My last hope is to bring it to a frame shop to see if something can be done. I am bringing it in Friday so I will update........

  • budman21 03/30/13 8:38 am PST

    1997 T100 4x4 here with lots of heavy suspension rust. Also cab/bed mounts are perforated and radiator support is gone. I had one brake line rust through so far and many brackets have dis-integrated. WAY TO OWN UP TOYOTA. We're really impressed...NOT. To anyone else who thinks we're just whining and that is should be considered 'normal' for a 16 year old truck, you obviously don't have this problem with your vehichle. My mechanic said that barring one or two plow trucks, it's the worst he's seen in his entire 51yo life!!

  • smithrob 09/04/13 4:56 pm PST

    yea i have a 96 t100 and the frame is rusting quick.it appears toyota refuses to help so what do i do now.junking it is not a option.any other frames fit under it?cant find original one in good shape

  • markcard13 12/05/13 7:06 pm PST

    I have just found out that on my 1996 T100 the frame is rotted through at the leaf springs, body and bed mounts, at least 2 axles are rotted, the bumpers are rotted through, the body of the bed is rotting through, and the rear differential is leaking because it has become porous.
    I had a 1997 Tacoma which was recalled. Toyota gave me a good amount of money for it. I didn't expect the same rot issue with the T100, but alas it has reached its early demise. I wish Toyota would do the same way they did with the Tacoma.
    I had to replace the engine after I bought it, because the head gasket blew and warped the heads. I heard this was also a problem with T100s. Besides that, it has been fine, until this bad news.
    It is discouraging that Toyota is not standing behind this product. Now I guess I have to junk it and find something else.

  • t100_owner 02/05/14 3:35 pm PST

    So here I am adding another great truck to the list of T100's with rotting frames. I live in Pennsylvania where we have strick yearly vehicle inspections and it failed today because 2 feet of the frame on the drivers side near the gas tank is rotted through.
    Ironically, I replaced the gas tank a few years back becase it had rotted through and was leaking.
    I called Toyota customer care 800-331-4331 and they were very nice to me on the phone of course, but put me politely on hold to check if my vehicle was under a frame recall listing.
    Naturally, the rep came back to give me unfortunate news that every other large frame vehicle was listed except for the T100. He kindly informed me that the Tundra, Tacoma and Sequoia were on the list but not the T100. How can that be? I am sure they used the same defective foreign steel on the T100 that they used on all the other models. Why are the T100 owners being so neglected. This is a huge disappointment to me as far as Toyota Customer Care and Customer loyalty goes. I have had 2 Camry's one I sold to a college student that had over 200,000 miles on it. My daughter drives the other one and it has 165,000 miles. She loves it!!
    So now what? The truck runs great with 170,000+ miles on it. I just rebuilt the bed last year and put on 4 new Michelin tires and 4 Rancho Shocks. I apologise for the rant but I have had this truck for 13 years and there is no way the the frame should be rotting like this. What ever happened to standing behind your product???
    Disappointed to say the least.


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