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  • 604doc 02/06/08 10:44 am PST

    Take a look in the GPS forums here at Edmunds. Chances are someone will have the same system and can give you some opinions. It's probably the same system used in other Toyotas as well.

  • autoboy16 03/16/08 11:24 am PST

    CNET TV has an extensive review of the highlander in general and he discusses the Navigation a lot also.


    Also, Whynot just push for a honda Pilot? Seats 8, Comes with DVD or NAV and it allows imput on the fly. Or CRV/RDX if the pilot is too big.

    I bought a Navigon 2100 from Amazon.com for $150 and I love it! It has text to speech(Turn left in half a mile onto Colonial Drive), POIs but missing walmart, target, bestbuy, and other big stores but has the CVS, Walgreens etc. The touch screen has a slightly delayed response to it also. I just wish it had more POIs, a car instead of arrow but no big deal, and standard traffic. But $60 gets you unlimited traffic and $30 gets you ZAGAT reviews. If you want all, the 5100 has them and the 7100 offers bluetooth.

    Toyota's Navs are great but lexus is better. And Honda/Acura is even better than lexus! Toyoya/ lexus just needs to let you imput on the fly.


    Source: http://reviews.cnet.com/suv/2008-toyota

  • vern126 03/27/08 5:00 am PST

    We purchased a 2008 Highlander Limited in late September with Navigation. It is true you can not use it while in motion. We have found in extremely difficult to use. It is just TOO complicated and our dealer's help is to refer us to the manual! I don't think they know how to use it either. I have a Garmin C550 portable I use in my other car and is extremely easy to use plus it audibly gives the NAMES of the street to turn on. The Garmin is about 1/3 of the price. I love Toyota, but they made a big mistake on this one!

  • ferrillcat 03/28/08 12:32 am PST

    vern126 -- thank you for your input regarding your personal experience with the Toyota nav ... much appreciated! It seems as if getting the portable GPS will be the way to go for us.

    And to CJ -- thank you for the fabulous link in your response. It is just what we were looking for! And just to note: we were considering waiting for the 2009 Pilot ... until we saw what it looks like. No, thank you.

  • omegadirective 04/08/08 3:17 pm PST

    Isn't there a voice command feature in there that would allow the driver to operate the nav system by voice while the vehicle is in motion??

  • gnpeden 11/19/08 12:06 pm PST

    I purchased a Toyota 2009 Rav4 Limited on Nov 10, 2008 with the Toyota navigation system. When I came near my house, none of the streets east of the main highway (including my street) appeared on the navigation system. I could not even enter my home address. This is a college town with a population of about 50,000 and is about 200 years old. My particular neighborhood is over 15 years old and next to the university. By using the navigation arrows to move around on the screen, I was able to determine that an area roughly the shape of a triangle about 30 miles on each side was completely void of data. This includes half of another city that is larger than the one I live in, a fourth of a smaller city, and an entire Army base. All of this information is found on the navigation system in my Infiniti G35 and on my handheld Garmin. On November 11th I reported this problem to Bridgette at the Toyota Customer Experience number (800-331-4331). Toyota was able to reproduce my problem and agreed that the system was faulty and of no use to me. I was assured that they would call me back by the close of business the next day (Wednesday) with a resolution. After not receiving a call, I called back on Thursday and was told Bridgette would call be by close of business. This continued until Toyota finally called me on Wednesday November 19th. All that I had asked to resolve the problem was for Toyota to provide me at no cost the updates to the Toyota navigation system as they become available until my area is covered and purchase an aftermarket GPS system for me to use until it was corrected. Their only offer was a $250 credit for future Toyota parts and services!
    I refused the offer and I'm starting an arbitration process.

    Lessons learned:
    1) The Toyota navigation system has some serious flaws. Even if the area where you live is covered, what areas that you may want to visit or travel through are not covered?
    2) Even after admitting that the system does not work as expected (even older systems that I have used cover this area flawlessly), Toyota will not work with you to correct the problem So buyer beware!


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