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  • 99intrigue00 12/08/09 5:29 pm PST

    There are definitely some situations where turning off the traction control will assist. Stuck in the mud is one. I don't mean to be captain obvious, but your owner's manual will have a detailed explanation on what the recommendation is for snow/ ice. I would turn it off as last resort only.

    For several years, GM and other cars have something on top of traction control. GM calls it Stabilitrak. The generic term is Electronic Stability Control, or ESC. It uses the same wheel sensors and pump as the ABS, but adds a yaw sensor that works in conjunction with the steering wheel angle sensor. It will apply the brakes to help the vehicle at certain speeds and under certain conditions maintain the path that the driver intends as indicated by the steering wheel position. It is a rare circumstance when you want to turn this off, which is usually done by holding down the traction control button.

    Like I say, take a moment over coffee or whatever to browse your owner's manual.

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